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Link Disclosure – FTC Notice

When you make a purchase for products or services via links on this website, we may earn commissions from Amazon and other retailers at no extra cost to you.

Paid Links

Also known as Affiliate Links, Paid Links represent a financial relationship we have with some vendors or 3rd parties. Sometimes when we link to a product or service we will use a Paid Link. This means that, if you end up buying a product or service that you discovered via our link, we get a commission from the vendor as way of a “thank you”.

That commission can be just a few dollars, although sometimes it’s a bit more. It can a one-time commission and it could also be it’s a recurring commission. For example, if it is an ongoing monthly service, we may receive a commission for each month of your subscription.

The important thing to remember is, this affiliate commission bears no cost to you and has no effect on the price you have to pay. The whole commission comes from the vendor’s marketing expenses.


This website accepts and displays advertisements (“ads”) from third parties. You should assume every one of these have paid us a fee to be displayed on our website. By displaying any specific ad, the Company in no way endorses the advertiser or its products and services, and assumes no liability for displaying their ads.

Free Product Notice

If we receive a free product to review for our readers we will make a specific disclosure at the beginning of that article. Otherwise, it is safe to assume that we have purchased any products or services we are reviewing or recommending.

Updated: June 2022